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We are excited to be a part of Answer Health Physician Organization

Together we hope to build a better model of care known as

The Patient-Centered Neighborhood

In a Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood your primary care doctor coordinates with all the different people and places that provide your health care; Chiropractors, hospitals, specialists, pharmacies, and more. The Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood is based on the Patient-Centered Medical Home. It begins with you at the center. It means you choose a doctor you like and trust and go to that doctor for your health needs.

I n a Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood:

  • You make decisions about your care
  • You go to the Medical Home for health care needs
  • You get an appointment when you need it
  • Your doctor sends you to the right specialist if you need more help
  • The team knows your medical history
  • The team knows what treatments you need

The goal of a Medical Neighborhood is to make sure you get great care when you need it. By being a part of this model, you get better care at a lower cost.

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