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As part of your patient-centered medical home/neighborhood, we pledge to do our best to provide you with quality healthcare that is patient-centered, available and easy to schedule, safe, cost-effective and provides satisfaction to you the patient.

Our Goals are to:

  • Provide a physician-led healthcare team that has knowledge about you and is focused on your preventative care and management of your chronic conditions.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to communicate your concerns about your health and the care you receive.
  • Be responsible for providing you with the healthcare information, support, and ongoing healthcare you need.
  • Coordinate your healthcare needs with qualified specialists/healthcare providers.
  • Provide information to you about community resources.
  • Utilize computer and information technology to provide care that is evidence-based, proven to be the best care, and to improve communication with other providers who are providing care to you.
  • As your provider, we will share your patient medical information with other providers who are involved with your care, as appropriate. Medical information may be written or electronically shared.

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