Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is an excellent option for a large variety of different conditions. Cold laser utilizes light frequency that penetrates the skin and works on restoring proper cellular function. The frequency of the light delivers photons and electrons to the damaged or injured cells which are required for healing and producing ATP in the body. By increasing the energy in the cells, the body is able to produce enzymes that help reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain, and increase cellular regrowth and healing.

Cold Laser Therapy can be used for pain syndromes, chronic pain syndromes, and skin and wound care. The following is a short list of some conditions laser therapy may benefit:

· Arthritis

· Heel spurs

· Ligament injury

· Sprain/Strain

· Osteochondrosis

· Headaches/Migraines

· Eczema

· Shingles

· Dermatitis

· Skin ulcers

· Psoriasis

· Scars

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