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As we pledge to do our best, we also ask that you be actively involved in your healthcare and pledge to do your best.

We Expect You To:

  • Provide your physician-led healthcare team with complete and honest information about your health history and any symptoms or changes in your health.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle and be actively involved in understanding and managing your healthcare.
  • When you are unable to follow the advice or orders of your physician-led healthcare team, please let us know. Be honest and open in your reason for doing it different.
  • Keep scheduled appointments. If you must reschedule, do so as soon as possible so that we may offer that time to another patient.
  • Contact us about all medical issues, other than life-threatening emergencies. You will be given information and/or directed to the appropriate care you need.
  • Notify us of any healthcare services you receive outside of this office. This allows us to help coordinate all your healthcare needs and prevents unnecessary care.
  • Ask us if you have any questions or a need for other services or resources in the community.

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