Spinal Decompression Machine

If your injury results in a disc injury, chemical and mechanical mediators need to be addressed to promote healing and reduce pain. With the inception of the non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, there is now a less invasive treatment to relieve the pain and correct the issue that often leaves patients feeling debilitated.  Our office utilizes Hill DT non-surgical spinal decompression equipment which offers the most controlled decompression available.

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What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression puts negative pressure on each disc to help alleviate pressure and pain associated with compressed area. When a disc is compressed, the material moves from its place between each vertebra into the space occupied by the sensitive nerves. When the nerves become pinched or irritated, the patient can experience pain and pressure. When this occurs, most commonly pain is not alleviated by pain medications. Many times, the condition warrants the use of highly addictive medications to mask the pain long enough to give the patient any relief. The more frequently these opioids are used, the greater the risk for addiction, while the source of the pain is left untreated.

Surgery intervention attempts to treat the condition by removing the disc material and fuse the spine to create room for the nerves. Spinal decompression has the potential to eliminate the source of the pain and allow for the healing process to occur without surgical intervention.

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